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Highlights and Considerations When Buying Car & Truck Parts Online

Whether you’re trying to replace a broken part to get your vehicle back on the road, or you’re looking for something to boost its performance or appearance, there are several things to bear in mind that can guarantee a headache-free shopping experience. These days, most petrolheads turn to the internet for their car and truck parts due to the enormous selections available and the unbeatable deals, but they still bear a few essential things in mind before parting with their hard-earned cash. Let’s take a look at how the experts recommend shopping for auto parts.

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Do Your Research

Whether you’re buying a stock part from a car manufacturer or an aftermarket item from a specialist, you need to be sure that what you’re buying is compatible with your vehicle. There are dozens of car makes around with thousands of models, so you’ll have to do your research to make sure you know what you have and what you need. Even if you have a specific part name and identification number, you then have to source the part, which is where the internet’s search power comes in. While you can effortlessly search in generic search engines for what you need, your best option is finding a reputable online auto parts supplier that has a large inventory and their own advanced search feature. Sites such as and let you search for a specific year, make, model, and sub model, making it extremely straightforward to find all the parts available for your vehicle. You can then choose from dozens of part types to locate the exact part you’re after. You can also take advantage of other buyers’ experience by taking a look at the reviews left for each product and finding out the pros and cons before you buy.

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Talk to an Expert

Unless you’re a professional mechanic or an enthusiastic amateur, navigating the massive ranges of auto parts online can be a daunting prospect. Before you start shopping, it’s always worth checking with your go-to mechanic for an expert opinion. Unless you’ve got the tools and skills to install your new part by yourself, you should pay a visit to whoever will be installing it to see what they recommend and whether they have any shopping advice for you. In some cases, it may be better to choose products manufactured by whoever makes your vehicle, but industry insiders may know of other manufacturers that make compatible parts of higher quality or at a lower price. Fortunately, if you’re not sure where to turn for professional guidance, many online auto part retailers, such as and, employ experts for you to speak with online or over the phone who can give you impartial advice. For even more information and guidance, websites like produce regular, informative blogs and guides that are always worth browsing before making a new purchase.

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Compare Prices

One of the main reasons people shop online for auto parts - aside from the unparalleled convenience - is due to the fact it’s almost always cheaper. Dealerships tend to be extremely expensive, and it’s sometimes difficult to tell whether a mechanic is giving you a reasonable price or has access to the most competitive deals. With the ability to search quickly for specific auto parts online, it doesn’t take long to find a handful of suitable products and then compare their pricing across different suppliers. Some online stores, like and, have partially eliminated the need to spend time comparing costs by offering a Best Price or Price Match Guarantee, meaning they’re so confident in providing the best price that if you do find the same item elsewhere for less, they’ll match it. It’s important to remember that just because you’ve found the best price for a particular part, that doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest overall option once you’ve factored in delivery costs. Make sure you take a look at delivery rates and shipping policies to avoid hidden fees - you may even find that by shopping with someone like, you save more due to their free shipping when you spend more than $50.

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Just in Case

In an ideal world, the parts we buy will be compatible with our vehicle and made to stand the test of time; unfortunately, this isn’t always the way things work out. Alternatively, you may have found a part that fits and works as it should, but you’ve changed your mind and want to swap it for something different, so how can you be sure that your chosen supplier has their customers’ best interests at heart? First, you need to be confident that whoever you decide to pick has an experienced and friendly customer service team that you can reach quickly and easily. These days, most sites have a toll-free number you can contact for assistance, but forward-thinking retailers like and have live chat features, providing you with instant help. You’ll also want to know that, should you change your mind or receive an unsuitable or defective part, you can receive a replacement at no cost and with minimal fuss. While the majority of retailers have fair returns and warranty policies, they don’t always cover every item, so be sure to read the small print before heading to the checkout.

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It’s never been more simple to find the parts you need for your car or truck online, and as long as you do your research, listen to the experts, and do your due diligence, there’s no reason you won’t be able to find exactly what you’re looking for at the best possible price.

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