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Once such a straightforward ordeal, purchasing a vacuum has now become something of a complicated affair as the number of features and styles are beginning to change more rapidly than ever before. Also, the injection of technology into the industry has brought about a whole new category of robotic vacuum cleaners and floor washing devices. There are some essentials to consider before committing to a purchase, and we have outlined them below.

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Depending on what you use the vacuum for, the style you need will vary; a few of the distinct vacuum styles are upright, stick and canister. With upright and stick vacuums, the motor and suction head are bundled together in one unit and, typically, they are fantastic for cleaning the carpet as they have a motorized cleaning head and are more comfortable to use as you won’t have to bend down. However, they can be reasonably heavy and tend to be noisier than their canister counterparts - also, because of their large and bulky frame, corners are harder to reach.

On the other hand, canister vacuums, which have a cleaning unit which is detachable and connects to the central vacuum via a hose, are far better at cleaning tight spaces because of the wand attachment and are quieter than the stick and upright models. But, they are more challenging to store because of the various accessories and detachable parts.

Ultimately, it depends on your personal preference and what the vacuum will be used for. If it is primarily going to clean carpets, then uprights are a superior choice, but for general use, a canister offers greater flexibility and can even be used for cleaning car interiors - either way, be sure to give each variety a test run before deciding to buy.

Bagged or Bagless

Since Dyson revolutionized the vacuum market with their bagless range of vacuums, the debate over whether to go with bags or without, rages on. Choosing a vacuum that utilizes throw-away bags is recommended for anyone suffering from allergies as disposing of the container releases less dirt and dust into the air. In terms of maintenance, bagless vacuums are the clear victor because once the bag has been thrown away, the unit does not need to be cleaned. However, they do tend to cost more in the long run because you will need to top up your supply of bags continually and this can be potentially disruptive, especially if you run out mid-clean.

Bagless vacuums are a fantastic choice if you want to keep maintenance costs low and are eco-focused - emptying the container into the bin is far better for the environment than disposing of non-degradable bags. In terms of performance, bagless vacuums tend to outperform their bagged cousins, especially as they fill up towards the end of a long session of vacuuming. The main caveat when considering bagless models is the increased exposure to allergens which can be negated if you empty the vacuum outside or in open spaces. Also, keep in mind that bagless vacuums will have to be hand cleaned from time to time to remove any stubborn debris.

Room Size

The vacuum that you need will depend a great deal on your living situation and the size of the areas that need to be cleaned. For large, high traffic areas a large capacity corded vacuum is a must, and whether you choose an upright or canister will depend on the surface that needs to be cleaned. Running out of steam halfway through cleaning is something that you don’t have to worry about with corded vacuums and means you will get your chores done quickly and efficiently. They are also ideal when deep cleaning because of the power advantage they have over their battery operated counterparts.

However, if you are looking to clean a small living area, then cordless stick vacuums have become all the rage because they are easy to store and exceptionally well equipped to clean a variety of surfaces because of the multitude of attachments that they have. Another option, which was grown in popularity recently due to technological innovation, are robotic vacuums. These are ideal for small office areas which only require light cleaning and can be set on a schedule to clean throughout the week, and most come with an app so that you can turn it on remotely and come home to a clean house.


Thanks to the explosion in vacuum varieties you are now guaranteed to find one that will suit your specific needs but be sure to consider how you will primarily use the vacuum and then do your homework on the various brands out there.

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