We all remember our favorite toys as children, and how they put smiles on our faces, but also how they shaped and taught us. To be able to give a child the same experience through a perfect gift is a priceless feeling, and can be done easily if you consider some of the key aspects below.


The first thing to consider when buying toys is the age of the child, and what kind of gift would be appropriate for that age. Lego and similar products, for example, are an easy way to go seeing as they provide different building sets suited for various ages.
By choosing an age-appropriate toy, you give the child the best possibilities for growth by stimulating their mind and senses through their toys. Toys can provide excellent learning possibilities given the right circumstances. Every child is, of course, unique, and they learn at different paces, but there are several stages of development for a growing child which mean that some toys provide more brain stimulus at that particular time than others.
Choosing an age-appropriate product is therefore crucial for finding a toy that will actually be used and not just thrown to the side never to be played with again.

Health and Safety

So you’ve got your eye on an age-appropriate toy that you think would fit and looks like fun, but is it safe? Every year children are rushed into hospitals for toy-related accidents. Choking is a risk mainly for children under the age of three; therefore it’s essential that you as a buyer keep an eye out for risky looking toys. Look out for toys that have small pieces that could easily come off.

Before buying a toy, do also make sure that all paint is lead-free, that all art materials are labeled as non-toxic, and that all toys made of fabric are labeled as either flame resistant or flame retardant. Stuffed toys should also be washable in order to prevent an excess of bacteria forming over it. But most important is simply teaching the child how to use the toy, and how to take care of it if possible, preventing small pieces from falling off.

Creativity and Longevity

Toys that combine having fun and learning are the products that seem to last in the long run. Kids, like all of us, like to express themselves. Children of all ages usually want to create, by painting or building, for example. Let’s use Lego as an example again. The simplified building blocks are something that has spoken to children for generations, and toys like these let the child be creative in their own way, allowing him or her to gain a sense of accomplishment as well as discovering endless learning opportunities.
By providing a toy that lets one be creative, it creates a ladder of development, as building sets, for example, come in all shapes, sizes, and difficulties, allowing the child to advance as it gets older. Additionally, these days, there are a vast amount of stores providing all kinds of different toys designed for learning and having fun, resulting in improved creative skills and capabilities.

Quality and Durability

Making sure that the toys you buy are of the right quality is essential for several reasons. First of all, it takes us back to the safety aspect of toys. If you gift a child with a faulty product that could easily break down, it could once again result in an accident.
Another reason to make sure you’re taking a quality product home is that you’ll want to make it last. Both parents and children easily form attachments to the toys of their childhood, and these things will serve as precious memories throughout your life. Think of a toy not only as a plaything for the child, but as a potential heirloom to look back at decades later. If you choose your toys with care, they will be just that, and you will be thankful for the choice you made even though you might’ve spent a little more money.


By keeping these few key factors in mind, the task of providing a child with fun and creative toys that keep their mind stimulated won’t prove difficult at all. Stick to these guidelines and the experience for both the parents and the child will be a rich one, with possibilities to create memories for life

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