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For most people, booking any kind of holiday or trip is one of the most exciting purchases. Flight prices have decreased over the years, meaning that many destinations are more accessible to everyone. With the rise in potential destinations and service operators, it is easier than ever to find the perfect holiday for you, but certain things still need to be taken into consideration.


Price will remain one of the primary considerations for anyone looking to book a holiday, a hotel or a flight. With so many different options available, make sure you shop around for the best deal before committing to a purchase. There are many websites such as Expedia, Booking and Last Minute that will search a large number of options and present you with those that best meet your requirements, within your set price range. It’s worth double checking the price of an option a booking website provides you directly against the operator’s website, as many companies are now offering competitive rates to encourage purchase through their business directly. Being flexible with dates or airport locations can also help to save money when purchasing a trip. Skyscanner has a search function that allows you to tick ‘flexible dates’ and ‘add nearby airports’ to find you the best deal. If you have children, try to avoid dates during school holidays when the price will naturally increase. Be mindful of hidden fees throughout the booking process, as many flight, tour and hotel operators can add costs such as checked-in luggage, taxes, cancellation fees, and booking fees which will increase the overall price.


Location is a vital part of an enjoyable trip. If you have a particular holiday destination in mind, it’s still important to search around for the location of your villa, hotel, apartment, within that area. Whether you want to be by the beach, walking distance to a village or right in the city center, websites that provide clear location details in the form of an address or map and clearly state what is nearby are best suited. Beware of loose claims, for example, a 15 minute walk to the beach, as this is fairly ambiguous and can lead to disappointment. For those who are unsure of where to travel to, many tourism service websites provide the latest deals and holiday inspiration on their homepage, social media channels and through emails. It’s also worth looking at holiday blogs and influencers to find a holiday that suits your preferences.

Facilities and requirements

Depending on the type of getaway you are searching for, the facilities available are a very important consideration in the buying process. For some, a pool within the property is desired, for others, it may be a gym or disabled access. Whatever your need, be sure to double check that your holiday will cater for it before booking a trip. Many websites are upfront and transparent about what facilities are available, and many now have an option to filter properties by facilities to help narrow the search results. Websites like allow you to search for country homes, city apartments, hostels, flight + hotel packages and all-inclusive holidays all in one place, meaning that you will save time when searching for and purchasing your next trip.

Customer reviews and ratings

We all have an image of the perfect holiday in our mind, and the reality not living up to our expectations is something to avoid at all costs. That’s why thoroughly doing your research into the tourism service website is so important when considering purchasing a trip online. Try to purchase from reputable brands as it will provide needed reassurance for you ahead of your holiday. Look for websites that clearly show holiday ratings and hotel class ratings, as well as individual customer ratings and detailed customer reviews. It’s also worth checking the website for customer support availability - many offer 24/7 - as this will be vital should anything change from booking to departure and during your trip. There are many independent websites that review holiday packages, hotels and flights should you wish to research further.


Whether it’s a two-week beach resort getaway or a city break, we all love a holiday. Therefore the purchase process should not be rushed and all of the above factors should be taken into consideration before booking your next trip.


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