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For most people, one of the most enjoyable parts of buying a house is turning it into a home; settling on themes and picking out comfortable furniture and stylish decor, but it’s no small affair. These days, there are thousands of stores online with millions of items to choose from and, while there are always great deals to be found, high-quality furnishings don’t come cheap, so it’s essential to bear a few things in mind when shopping around.


Before you even start looking for particular home furnishings, it’s critical to measure the space you have for the item you need to buy, and then measure it again! There’s nothing worse than getting excited about the dream item to find it won’t fit where you want it to, and it’ll save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. If you’re buying online, make sure the website has the sizes listed clearly, and be aware that sometimes sites may list measurements differently; US-based stores may give you inches, whereas stores based elsewhere might use the metric system. Additionally, when it comes to things like beds, just because one site lists one as a King or Queen doesn’t mean it’s the same size on another website, so always double check.


Everyone has their own style, and while you may have a clear idea of what you want, you may need some inspiration or help picking out the perfect furnishings. The best brick and mortar stores have in-house design and decor experts who can guide you, and if you’re shopping online, a number of quality sites host informative blogs and free design guides to give you new ideas or confirm your original plans. The disadvantage of buying online is that you won’t be able to see items in person, so make sure you’re browsing a site that provides plenty of clear images of their products from different angles.


While it’s important your furnishings look great and fit the tone and style of your home, when it comes to furniture, comfort is vital. If you’re in-store, it shouldn’t be too difficult to give a couch a try or to test the springiness of a mattress, but this is where shopping online can make things a little more complicated. Fortunately, the majority of online retailers let customers leave product reviews for others to read, helping you make a decision and get an idea of whether an item is right for you. You can also find hundreds of independent blogs and articles on the internet that review home furnishings to help you make your decision.

Returns & Warranties
Not everything you buy will turn out exactly how you expected, so it’s important that wherever you purchase your home furnishings from has a fair policy in place in case you want or need to return an item. The best retailers make returning items hassle-free and low-cost (or even free) and have a reliable customer service team in place to help you with the process. For more expensive items, stores that have faith in the quality and durability of their products should offer a form of warranty in case of defects or issues that arise, and these can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Shipping & Delivery

Most stores are able to offer competitive shipping rates these days, so it’s worth picking one that’s willing to give you a good deal. Many will provide free domestic shipping when you order over a certain amount, making it worthwhile to place a larger order with them, but you should always read the small print - not every item may qualify for free shipping, and larger pieces can sometimes come with extra fees. If you are ordering bigger items, check the delivery policy, as some of the best retailers may have options to place your furniture exactly where you want it in your home, and even help with assembly.


In conclusion, it’s never been a better time to order furnishings, with the vast amount of choices available and lower prices than ever before; however, you should bear the above points in mind before spending your hard earned cash on decorating your home.


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