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Whenever we buy or rent a new home, the garden space is always an important factor in our final decision. However, once we’re moved in, our priority usually lies in fixing up the inside living areas first, and the idyllic relaxing garden refuge we imagined often ends up on the back burner. But with the amount of time we spend indoors, at work or taking care of family, it really is important to allow ourselves a pleasant outside space to take in the fresh air and feel actual sun on our faces. As with any room in the house, furniture is the best way to create that beautiful cosy environment that everyone can enjoy.

Style and function
Thankfully we’re no longer at a point where basic white garden chairs and tables are our only option. Although plastic furniture is a hardwearing durable option, times have changed and there are now a plethora of styles available, from traditional to contemporary, simple to outright flamboyant and in a selection of materials such as cast iron, wood or recycled plastics. Whatever sets off your style, there’s guaranteed to be something out there perfect for your tastes.

Whether you shop online or in store it’s important to know how big a space you need to fill. Before you start your search you need to measure the width and depth of the area where the furniture will go. Imagine how you would like everything laid out, do you want single chairs only or could a two or three-seater sofa be mixed in there? If you want a table, how big is big enough, how many people will it need to seat and how much walking space needs to be around it? Try drawing out a plan and measure the spaces you want things to go. Some online store even have an option to upload a photo of your garden space so you can drag and drop images of items and really get a feel of how it will look.

While it’s important everything looks great, when it comes to furniture, you want reassurance that it’s going to last and you don’t need to replace anything too quickly due to wear and tear. If you’re in-store, it’s easy to see the level of quality and test out the sturdiness but shopping online means we can’t physically do this ourselves. The majority of online retailers allow customers to leave a product review; this is very helpful in giving you a fair idea of how well a product was made. You can also find hundreds of independent blogs and articles on the internet to help you make your decision.

Returns & Warranties
Not everything you buy will tip out as you expected, so it’s important that the retailer you purchase your furniture from has a fair returns policy. The best retailers make returning items as stress-free as possible. Look for a company that has a reliable customer service team in place to help you with the process. Making sure a company offers a form of warranty in case of defects is also important, cumbersome furniture can be expensive and the last thing you need is a lengthy battle with a company who won’t take responsibility for a defected product. Whether it’s an online store or a walk-in store, reading reviews about a company’s customer service and customer care attitude is also beneficial when choosing the right retailer.

Shipping & Delivery
Most stores are able to offer competitive shipping rates these days, so it’s worth picking one that’s willing to give you a good deal. Whatever you buy, you should always read the small print - free shipping doesn’t always apply, and larger pieces can sometimes come with extra fees. When ordering bigger items, like garden furniture, check the delivery policy, some of the best retailers may have options to place your furniture exactly where you want it and even help with assembly.


By following the advice above, creating a stunning and effective outside living space is within your grasp. The vast amount of choices available and lower prices are sure to set your imagination running wild and hopefully you find the hardest challenge is deciding what will be will be the perfect look for you and your family.


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